Class I

Dear fellow students,

I am already a second class student attending a class with extended biology and chemistry programme. I can imagine how you feel now, in these very first days of your school career. I remember that I was surprised by how big this school is and how many people are studying here. Do not worry about it, on the first days of September, there is always very high attendance, but it will surely change soon. A lot of students will be studying for plenty of different competitions, so they will not be present at school very often.

I also recall these long lists of absent teachers on almost every single day of the school year.

As far as the teachers are concerned, you can perceive yourselves as the lucky ones.

You have a lot of different classes in the first year and you may think that not every school subject is necessary for your future studies and work. You will be completely right about that fact, but I have to tell you that you should at least try to get good grades in your basic subjects, because your high school certificate sometimes matters when it comes to studying abroad. Personally, I regret that I did not try to get better grades from a couple of subjects.

Overall, I wish you good luck in your school career and I hope that reading my letter has helped you a little bit and made you feel better.

Best wishes,

Class 2I student