Class H



Dear Friend,




You're probably terrified now. You were said that it is a school for eggheads. Yesterday my new Spanish teacher said that she was aware that she would be teaching young geniuses. It was strange to hear something like that, because we are totally normal.


On my first days at school I had to deal with the jam in the corridors. I came from a really small school (I had 13 classmates) and I felt like a Chinese. I also didn't like the idea of changing classes every lesson. But those are the things you can easily get used to after some time.


The good aspect of the jam in corridors is that you will meet a lot of people and it means you will have a greater chance to find a close friend.


You will have to work a lot on your own. Teachers won't study instead of you. They are organizing your work, systematizing it.


We do have free time (even though some people say something contrary). Of course, you are exhausted after school and you have to work a lot at home, but I suppose it is common in every kind of high school. Not only in „the famous V”.


It's not that bad. Everything will improve sooner or later. You will see. So, don't worry.




Class 2H student






Dear Friend,




Once again you start a new school year. You should be excited but you can also be terrified. I remember my first day in this school. I didn't know a single person. I stood in the hallway with great expectations but scared and stressed like never before. 


It may seem difficult at first but you'll manage. The main advantage of this school is the people and they are really friendly. Don't be afraid to ask the way or anything that bothers you. Every person I know will help you in such situations .


All you have to do is smile and, believe me, it will make a lot of things easier. 


I live in a dormitory, 100 kilometers from my home. Last year I almost gave up on this school. All I wanted was to come back and be with my family, every day after Monday was closer to Friday. And I lived for Fridays. 


But look what happened. It is already the next year! I survived and I stayed. It is crazy how many wonderful people I met here are my friends now. 


I studied quite a lot, it's true, but it wasn't impossible. I also had time for my friends and family.


Just remember: grades aren't everything. 


Some advice? Try to study regularly just to avoid studying at the weekends and relax.


I almost forgot: smile! It's even more important!




Class 2H student




Dear 1h student,
My English teacher told me to write a letter to you, because, some of you are probably terrified. It is a wrong attitude. First of all, really, don’t try to be the best at everything and have straight A’s in all the subjects. I'm sure you have subjects that are more important to you, and subject that are less important to you. You shouldn’t care too much about subjects that are not connected with biology and chemistry and maths. Some teachers can act really crazy, thinking their subject is the most important, blah blah blah. Like in every school. You should just remember what is important for you and your future career. And don’t make your objective to have a certificate with distinction, because it’s not worth it. You’ll end up studying the whole day and night. Your main aim here is becoming wiser, more intelligent, and having broader knowledge, maybe taking part in some competitions. Don’t forget about nice stuff, like going out with friends, because school should be just a tiny part of your life, not your whole life.



Class 2H student