Class G

Dear class 1G student,
I've heard that you are stressed because of your new school. I used to learn in a good junior high school and some of my friends also came to V LO but I was scared, too. After a few days I got used to new teachers and classmates and it turned out to be OK.
Of course, it's not going to be easy, but you can make it less hard by maintaining a good attitude. You should just be yourself. Don't feel bad for not being great at everything. It's not you fault(most of the time, anyway). One thing you ought to remember is that grades aren't important (really, trust me) and all that matters is your knowledge and skills, which is not always relevant.
If I were you, I'd pick up a good series of books or whatever makes you relaxed. Find some time for your friends after school. And - as one of my teacher told me - life is not all about numbers.
Of course, you don't have to listen to any tips I gave you. Good luck.

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Dear friend,

I wonder if you’re out there alone, scared about this school - or maybe you’re from the brighter clique of “indigo kids”. Whatever your plans and dreams are, don’t forget about some basic stuff.

The first thing is: if you have got here, you’re meant to stay here, and that’s simple enough to follow.

Remember about your goals. If you don’t have any passion, that’s the best place to try to find one. Don’t worry about low grades, NEVER EVER EVER compare yourself to other people. This is the worst thing you can do for your creativity and happiness.

Don’t work for other people and for attention, work for yourself. No point in taking part in competitions if you aren’t really passionate about them. You can be happy in other ways.

I know this letter is short but I don't see how else I can help you with just a letter. There are millions of things I’d want you to know - simple thoughts like “don’t worry about X or Y” or “During his lessons, always do X”. but I think you’ll learn these things in due time. :)) Keep up the good work, and be confident.

And goddamit, don't get desperately obsessed with maths, only because they say that it becomes "your life" in this class! This is no good. >:C

Random class 2G student



Dear 1G student,

I heard that you were stressed because of entering VLO. Leaving a junior high school, becoming a high school student. New environment, new friends, new everything. But don't worry.

This school isn't as terrifying as you think. You just need to believe in yourself. Just don't fall behind with your studies and everything will be fine. Rest assured. You don't need to have a certificate with distinction. Maybe your grades won't be very high, but it's because it is VLO. The fact that you got admitted here should be very satisfying for you. Be cool about your studies, don't overwork yourself, try to stay calm and try hard. Just try to be the very best, like no one ever was. But studies are not the only thing worth doing. You also should have some social live. Go out with friends and enjoy your life.

That's all from me. Don't worry. This school year will be over in a blink of an eye. Study, stay calm, have friends. It's the recipe for survival in this school.

Best regards,
Mysterious Class 2G Student

PS. Got a song for you to cheer you up. Enjoy!






Dear friend,

        I m pretty sure you are wondering ''what have I done to deserve this?!'' Obviously, it's a pity that holidays are over and you start a new life in our high school where no one seem familiar. Well, here my consolation begins.

       There is no use mourning and crying over spilt milk. I m a student of second class and I have survived. Well, I m sure you'll be safe and sound at the end of this year, too. 

        I used to feel the same at that time, one year earlier. I still remember hard attempts to melt the ice and make friends with others. Not to mention how embarrassed I was asking people in the corridor to help me find my classroom. I also feel sorry for those of you who are living in a dormitory, far away from their families. Apparently, the first year is the worst. I m really sorry to say that, but that is true, mainly because of the above reasons.

       Therefore, you may once again doubt if that was the right choice, the best possibility for you. Although you're probably not sure now, you'll be pretty satisfied to face the problems. Undeniably, it's going to pay off. The causes why I'm so optimistic are numerous. Mainly because of the amazing people attending VLO and the teachers who are always keen on helping pupils. Except for this, you may be a fan of our extra time activities, such as the English drama club, psychology in English and many many others.

      To sum up, I'm sure you will probably love our school despite all the difficulties you may face. Don't forget you can get support from us - students of higher classes

With love,


Class 2G student