Class F

Hello pal!

I suppose that right now you're not feeling as great as during the holidays, or even before them. If you're anything like me, I guess you're stressed all the time and do not feel like coming here at all. Well, I can only say it couldn't be different because starting something new and unknown usually feels like this. But with months passing by, this won't be new anymore, it'll be a routine. Routine also isn't awesome, but it's less scary and you should feel a bit better. The faces will become familiar, you'll start recognizing the classrooms and you won't feel so lost. Maybe you'll get used to it quicker, maybe slower, but it will happen eventually, before you know it. If you're afraid of making new friends, just wait, be as confident as you can, always say what you think and just be open and you'll find your group. It is a school like every other school, and you have been in other schools already, so you'll be fine. In one year you'll be in my place and will just think of how terrified you were a year ago, and how you got used to everything and how bravely you made it through the first classes and just laugh at the sight of new, terrified first year students. It'll be like it, all you have to do is wait and not give up. I can't say I'm in heaven right now either, but for sure I'm more easy-going than I was last September. Oh, and if you're one of these hard-working people studying all the time and stressing out about each grade and stuff, I'd recommend to you to just say to yourself once in a while "I don't care" or something like that, I mean, if you try hard and you fail anyway, let it go and blame everything except yourself. At least, that's how I do it.

So, stay strong and make some friends, and if it comforts you – at least you're not writing the Matura Exam next year, as I do, so you know, it can always be worse!



Class 2F student, V LO survivor!