Class E

Dear XYZ,

Are you happy that you got into such a difficult school? I think 'yes' even though the very beginning at this school might seem very difficult to you. I will give you some advice how to survive the first year.

At first I would like to congratulate you. You have done a very good job and you mustn't forget about it in particularly difficult moments. So even though it may seem to you sometimes that you can't manage to finish this year, just try to think again about what you had accomplished so far and cheer up, life is not as bad as it seems there! Look for the good things that you will memorize in the worst moments... I think it's time to give you some advice that I find very useful. I regret that nobody taught me that...

You have to learn how to take notes. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't think that I could have any problems with notes. But at this school teachers treat us almost like university students, so they dictate really fast and you should try to note as much as possible – the teachers often tell more things than you can find in most textbooks! And those things will usually appear in the tests... For me, the most difficult thing was to combine catching the next sentence with writing down the last one. Just be careful!

The next thing is to find friends who will support you (it's easy-peasy at this school, to be honest). I wouldn't be able to survive one year in one of the most difficult classes in Poland without their help. Just one remark – if you expect support, you should also offer it. Anyway, people here are very friendly, keen on studying and I think you will find it a way easier to study there than at other schools because people there love what they do.

And the next piece of advice for you – avoid being stressed. It doesn't really help you but destroys all the efforts you make. You have to learn how not to get stressed out in stressful situations.

Last but not least, you have to organize your spare time. I mean, divide the remaining time after school into resting, studying and sports activities. I find it very important to combine these three things. Sport helps you to relax and start the next day without the feeling of being stressed. And for me the essence of the letter – take enough sleep! If you don't do it, your results will go down and because of that you can feel even worse...

So, don't psych out and remember – everything you learn, you learn just for yourself not for getting good marks! Do your best, I keep my fingers crossed.


Take care,

Class 2G student (formerly E)