Class C


I'm sure all of you felt at least a little bit weird getting up on 1st of September this year. A new school, new classmates, some of you have even changed your address ;). You've probably heard tonnes of stories about this school and I expect some of them were pretty terrifying (hope some were also extremely optimistic). And maybe you feel kind of lost and uncomfortable now, but I just really want to convince you it will change soon. Been there, done that :D. And trust me, the reality is usually much less frightening than the things you imagine. Just ask your classmates!  You'll get used to a lot of stuff, other things will start to irritate you in a while, but there is one unavoidable task for you to solve as soon as possible - sounds obvious, but you'll really spend a lot of time here and meeting new people is your obligation :D I remember waiting in front of my chemistry classroom and wondering if I survive it at all. Well, I  found out that even coming through your first chemistry class is much easier if you start to talk to other people. And even if you don't feel comfortable at the beginning, it'll be better after a camp. We're all pretty excited about you starting your high school career and we'd just love to help every possible way. Students from older classes know how to bear at annoying subject, what to do and NOT to do when it comes to specific teachers, which is pretty useful, trust me. So may the force be with you! :D Good luck!

Class 2C student



To begin with, I'd like to congratulate you on getting into this school. I know that the third year of junior high school probably was really hard for you because of all exams, marks, etc. but now it's over and this school year is a new beginning for you. The only thing that matters now is the fact that you have the opportunity to study in the best school in Cracow and there's no reason to be nervous. I know that it is easier to say than do, but remember – I was in your place one year ago.

There were two things that made me feel bad. First, I didn't know anyone in my class while other people knew each other, and second, I thought that I could be not good enough to study here. However, after some time it turned out that everything I was worrying about wasn't worth my sorrow.

I have to tell you something – people in this school are really friendly and helpful, and you shouldn't be too scared to talk to them. I'm thinking especially about your classmates (or other class C students) - they have the same problems as you and they also need a friend and a helpful hand.

And if you are afraid of some teachers or subjects – don't. Most of the teachers are really nice and they are here because they want you to know more and they want to help you. The level of teaching in this school is high, but you all got into it and that means that you can handle it.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be scared at all, because it is normal, but don't let the stress overwhelm you. And when you get used to being a student of this school, you will understand that the decision to choose High School number 5 was the best you could make.

I wish you a lot of luck and I hope that after reading this letter you felt at least a little bit more better.

Class 2C student



Dear future chemists!

It's a little bit weird for me to write a 'comfort' letter to people I don't know personally but I will try my best to support you because I know exactly what you are coming through.

Firstly, I really want you to chill out a little – I know you are scared to death but teachers and pupils at this school are very helpful and understanding and they will lead you to the world of High School No 5 with huge pleasure. It's common knowledge that the first few weeks will be hard because coming to a new place and facing new habits isn't always pleasant but you will get used to this unique atmosphere.

It's also very important not to give up at the beginning because the difference between education in a junior high school and a high school is enormous and it will take time to switch to the new system of learning. I know from my experience that the first month was one big disaster – I kept telling myself that I'm not smart enough to attend this school, that I can't handle all tests and homework, and that I won't be able to be here for the next 3 years. But I quickly realised that it was only my mind limiting me. Now, after the first class of the best high school in Cracow, I can proudly say that I got a certificate with distinction even though I train volleyball 4 times a week and don't have free weekends because of the tournaments in which I participate.


This shows that surviving in this school is for sure doable and I really want you to believe in yourself and set some goals you want to achieve because it really helps you be motivated. Getting to this high school is a huge achievement and you need to appreciate it and use it as much as you can.




Class 2C student