Class B

Dear friends from I B!


I know you are in the same situation as I was one year ago. I come from a little village located 90 kilometers from Cracow. I was terrified. I didn't know anybody. I thought: "What am I doing here?". I was afraid of new people, new teachers and stress connected with studying. I wasn't confident at all. And I know that many of you live here in Cracow and already have friends. But of course, you may be unsure of what the future will bring. Don't worry! Teachers aren't that scary and they can teach you a lot of useful things. They are open for conversations and they are willing to answer your questions. At first, you might be frightened when talking to them, but after that, things will become only easier. I'm sure you will be satisfied with your classmates and the atmosphere of this school will make you feel great.

You may think that you aren't good enough for this school, that people around you are robots and they know everything. No, they don't! And they are as terrified as you. And I'm sure you will make many friends without any problems. I know that you are very smart and you can do whatever you want in your life. Don't try to compete with others and try to do YOUR best.

Be free to talk with your older friends from II B. You can find out which teacher is very strict or where to find help. I have to admit that I wasn't so brave to talk with older students, but living in a dormitory taught me that asking for help isn't so bad. Just talk with others!

I can imagine what you're thinking right now. "Oh, well! But anyway I will not handle this… There's too much pressure and I will not make good grades". I told you before that you can achieve anything that will come to your mind. Just a little effort can make you the Einstein of our times. Be focused on your priorities, but also have fun and go somewhere with friends.

Just stay positive!


With lots of love,

Class 2B student (still full of fears, but ready to start a new school year)