Class A

Dear ………

This time last year I was in the same position as you. I was starting my first year in High School and it was a really stressful time for me.

In my opinion the first proper day was the most terrifying. On the first of September you only get to see your class and the school for the first time, but the hardest thing for me was finding my way around the school. I used to go to a really small Junior High School so it was a big shock for me. I know that you probably have problems with finding your classrooms, but remember that we all once were new to this school, so it's fair to say that we all know how it feels.

The first lessons made me scary as well. You don't know the teachers and you don't really know what to expect, but from my experience I can say that they are all very helpful and friendly. If you happen to have any problems or questions, don't feel embarrassed to go and talk to your class tutor or any other teacher.

I know that the whole 'high school experience' might seem a little overwhelming at first, but I found the school really welcoming and the whole community is so nice and friendly that I'm sure you will soon get to experience it, too.

Remember it all takes time and some might need more of it, but once you get used to the school and get to know your classmates and teachers better, you will enjoy it here. I know that the first year can get a little bit crazy and busy, but it will all be worth it.


Best of luck

Class 2A student


Dear Unknown,

        Your class is probably divided into two groups. Those who are terrified about the whole situation and those who are excited and confident. Don't worry if you're in the first one. Give yourself some time and discover the new you!

        A year ago I was in the same situation and didn't have enough perkiness to feel comfortable around my self-confident classmates. I felt overwhelmed because I wasn't just starting a new school, I also moved to Kraków from a much smaller city in the southeast of Poland. I had the same thoughts that probably fill your head at the moment as well. Is this really what I want? Will I rub along with such a high level of education and a rat race? I've spent a few months in the state of this hesitance just to find out at one point that there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not going to tell you that you won't have to do anything in this school or that you will have lots of free time. That would be a lie. You just have to remember what you were thinking when you were choosing this school. You have to remember that you're here because you wanted to spend these three years actually doing something instead of wandering around doing nothing. And my only advice is to not get threatened by people with better scores in exams or lots of titles won in competitions. You're got into this high school as well. That means you deserve to be here. If you're another type of person than described by me you don't have anything to worry about. You already know that the whole world is at your fingertips.

        The last thing I wanted to say to you is to enjoy your time here. Get to know what you really like and what you want to do in future. Because now is the best time to do it with so many opportunities this school gives. I hope this letter will help you somehow.


Class 2A student

PS. You can always look for help in your older friends :)